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June 15, 2015(0)
Common Ear Diseases The human ear is an amazing organ. Responsible for one of our most important senses — hearing — it consists of not just what you see on the outside ... Full article
May 30, 2015(0)
“What If …” Life can be filled with a multitude of ”What if …” questions: “What if I fail?” “What if people notice?” “What if I’m afraid?” These questions ...
May 15, 2015(0)
What to expect from hearing aids Most people new to hearing aids don’t know what to expect from them. Misperceptions and second-hand stories of bulky, whistling, old-fashioned analog devices ...
April 30, 2015(0)
“I Have Hearing Aids-Now What?” Congratulations, you have officially taken that next step to improve the way you hear by purchasing hearing aids! Prior to wearing hearing aids, you ...
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