Can Treating Hearing Loss Help with Depression?

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If you could do something easy now to avoid something potentially problematic down the road, wouldn’t you do it? It’s the same theory behind exercise, eating vegetables and, well, insurance.

Treating hearing loss is one of those easy things. It’s like a potential insurance policy against a host of problematic aging issues, including anxiety, depression, social isolation, and even dementia.

A study by The National Council on Aging shines some light on the benefits of treating hearing loss. They surveyed 2,300 hearing impaired adults, 50 and older, some who have treated their hearing loss with hearing aids, and some who haven’t.

The hearing fact above highlights some of what people without hearing aids said. Starkey’s August 26 blog describes the good things people who wear hearing aids said.

If you’ve got hearing loss (if you’re not sure, contact us to set up a hearing evaluation), wouldn’t you rather treat it now, and hopefully avoid bigger issues later on?

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