Tinnitus Takes a Financial Toll!

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If you have tinnitus, you’re keenly aware of the impact it can have on your physical and mental well-being. Depending on the severity, tinnitus can affect your sleep and concentration, and cause depression and anxiety, among other things.

Tinnitus, sadly, also has financial repercussions for the people who suffer from it. The American Tinnitus Association notes that when adding up lost earnings, productivity and health care costs, individuals can lose “up to $30,000 annually” all thanks to ringing in the ears.

Help is available. Many of our Starkey hearing aids at South Suburban Hearing Health Centers, including the Muse, Halo 2 and SoundLens Synergy invisible hearing aids have tinnitus relief technology built into them. You can try this proven technology for yourself by contacting us today!

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