Hear it from our patients. From our personal approach to our world class instruments, our patients are singing our praise.

“With your help, I can even hear my car dinging – didn’t know it did that before. Pleased with the way your patients are treated. Thanks!” –Lorrie M.

“I resisted hearing aids because of the age stigma, but I was so glad I did. My only regret is not doing it sooner”. –T. Paggi, Federal Employee

“Very helpful and professional staff! You were beyond kind to me and went above and beyond. Much appreciated. I would highly recommend this business to anyone.” –Amy M.

“I was a little apprehensive at first. Mostly about the stigma with hearing aids and aging. I knew from my annual physicals over the past two years I lost my hearing in the high frequency and I have been suffering from Tinnitus for the past 5 years. I received a mailing and figured I would check it out. Jonathan sat down and explained my test results and why I was having the issues I was having. I just picked up my new Starkey hearing aids. I was talking to my neighbor who was standing pretty much two feet in front of me and I mentioned I was now wearing a hearing aid. He was shocked. He couldn’t tell until I pointed it out. It will take a few more times to adjust them, but the experience has been great. Great staff, easy to get in, and being treated well made the transition very smooth. I only wish I would not have waited so long.” –Terry P.

“Jonathan came in on his day off. Unbelievable!! Never seen that before.” –Daniel R.

“Dr. Jonathan Wright at the Homer Glen office is very good and explained everything perfectly – will recommend him definitely – Aileen in front office is very good too – phone calls for appointment reminders, etc.” –Gary F.

“Excellent service and very knowledgeable about hearing loss and products.” –Jim R, Police officer

“I lost most of my hearing during my first pregnancy and was having a hard time finding a place that would take my out-of-state insurance in-network. Dr. Wright’s staff was very helpful and caring. He recognized my genetic hearing disorder right off the bat, and thanks to him and the Starkey hearing aids he recommended,  I can hear my 2 soon to be 3 sons, family and friends! He has come in during off hours to accommodate my schedule and has seen me at last minute appointments for maintenance cleanings! I even bring my 4 yr old with and he loves to visit with “Dr. Jonathan”!  I’ve moved and am about 40 minutes away from his office now, but he is totally worth the drive! He is a wonderful audioprosthologist and I refer anyone that needs help hearing to him. He has definitely earned a customer for life! Thanks Dr. Wright!  –Angie B.

“5+ Very friendly people. Helpful and are flexible with scheduling. My Aunt Besse has had problems for years with hearing and is very pleased with her new hearing aids so far. She is 89 and now can enjoy her favorite programs and understand our conversations again. Thank you so much South Suburban Hearing. –Rubio B.

“I can hear the clicking of my dog’s feet on the floor. I can hear my car’s directional signal-didn’t even know it made a sound. This is exciting!” –Barbara M, RN-BA, Healthcare administrator – Prison System

“Best product. Best service.” –James M.

“The staff was very friendly, professional and accommodating. Jonathan was very informative and patient with understanding on how to use my hearing aids.” –Carol P.

“Aileen is very good with people – Dr. Wright has a pleasing manner and seems quite knowledgeable about his products. You guys do nice stuff together.” –Barbara G.

“I’ve bought hearing aids in the past from other places, but this place will have my business as long as it’s here! The doc is great and very informative, I trust him completely.” –Steve S.

“Wonderful staff, very helpful. Thanks to South Suburban Hearing I have stopped saying “what” and “huh” all the time. Great place for terrific service!”
–Candy B.
“This place is great! I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit in church and hear the pastor. Now I can hear everything he says!” –Don D.

“Very helpful – I have recommended others to go there. One already has and was pleased too.” –Marilyn T.

“Great people, very professional.  Easiest thing I’ve ever done.  Can’t thank them enough! –John M.

“I go to to South Suburban Hearing Health Center and the people there are great. I tell everyone who has a hearing problem, GO THERE!!” –Jim A.

“South Suburban Hearing Health Center is great. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They have the right equipment and the people who know how to use it. If you have a hearing problem, don’t overlook them. Make an appointment and do yourself a favor. ”  –Ken U.

“Wonderful product knowledge and pleasant staff. I would recommend highly! Thanks for helping my father… you guys rock!!!”  –Michele S.

“What an experience! Wonderful staff, great office space, punctual with great products and product knowledge. If I knew this was going to be such a pleasant and informative session I would have called this group earlier. I’ll spread the word about them and continue to follow up with them as needed or scheduled. ”  –Greg B.

“Jonathan and Eileen have excellent customer service.  He is readily available to his patients.  I entrusted him with my son’s and mother’s hearing needs and was very pleased.”  –Mary and Sarah B.

“Outstanding customer service received by entire staff.  The entire experience went better than I expected.  Being able to hear again has been uplifting.”  –Bonnie G.

“I think they did a great job with my new hearing aids and making each step of the new hearing aids easier like putting them in and changing batteries, just overall helping to make these hearing aids easier to use.  I give them a 10!  They are very helpful and courteous!”  –Carl R.

“I feel like the entire process of getting hearing aids was enlightening. Every step was explained and any questions were answered. The emphasis was to give me hearing not just sell me a hearing aid. Overall, satisfying.”  –Lannie C.

“A big thanks to Jonathan and staff for giving me back my hearing! After receiving my hearing aids, the birds of spring and the sounds of the music I once enjoyed have returned!”  –Daniel M.

“What service! Even though the Oak Forest office is still in transition, Jonathan met me there just to pick up my hearing aid and took it back to the Homer Glen office to service it.  Customer for life!  Thanks”  –Angeline B.

“This is a place where service is golden!”  –John L.

“I’ll never go anywhere else! You’ve changed my life and I mean it!” –Harry F.

“I can’t believe it! It’s like I’m living in a completely different world!  I can even watch tv again!”  –Ken U.

“Just walked in and he vacuumed it out free of charge! I’m a fan!”  –Cary C.

“Very patient oriented and easy to work with-no pressure.”  –Kathleen S.

“Very helpful with my mother in getting tested for hearing aids. Jonathan made the process easier for her and made her feel very comfortable. Would recommend to anyone who needs hearing testing/aids.”  –Michelle M.

“Jonathan, I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how our employees and myself appreciated your coming out and presenting South Suburban’s Preferred Provider Program. I think a lot of folks including myself were not aware of how greatly improved hearing aids have become over the years. I know of several of our employees looking into this program and of course I’m delighted with my new hearing aids. I’ve know for years I was hard of hearing, but with them being hardly visible and so easy to use I had to try them out. I’m sure happy I did … I’m hearing like I did when I was a kid.” –Bob Seeman, Lanco International Inc